S1 „Products as an interactive experience on your customers’ end device“
Experience the machine in the factory already in advance. Visualize furniture’s appearance and function directly at the future site, whether at home or in the office.

See the new car already now, whether in front of the house or in the garage.

Web-based augmented reality and your customers’ end device make that possible already today.
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S2 „Print collaterals become digital worlds of experience“
The future of marketing is digital! However, we will never want to lose the experience of touching and feeling flyers, catalogs, and business cards.

With our AR solutions, we build a bridge by adding further digital information levels to printed materials.
Your product catalog, for instance, thus turns into an interactive experience.

As a positive side effect, you can evaluate the use of print collaterals by your customers and in the future, you will feel even more sure when deciding on the circulation and content of such print materials.
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S3 „Interactive presentations and training“
Convey complex information as an immersive and interactive experience. Products in real-time 3D create experiences.

Thanks to endlessly extendable information levels, combined with a polished appearance and user-friendliness, sales teams, customers, and training participants are highly motivated to use the information presented in the intuitive configurator.

Web-based augmented reality and your customers’ end device make that possible already today.
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S4 „Make product variety a three-dimensional experience“
Product configurators facilitate emotional onboarding of customers. At the moment when your customer can “touch” and thus “play with” the product, this builds an emotional bond.

What will it be like holding the product in our hands? How will it look at our company? Which variant suits us best?

Our WebGL-based product configurators run stably and smoothly on any end device. They help you reach customers emotionally and rationally.
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S5 „Transparency provides spatial depth“
Content and solutions for transparent LCD and OLED displays are an alternative to AR.

Their transparency enables more information to be shown in addition to the product itself visible directly behind the display.

Whether in a display window, showroom, or trade show, the still unusual sight of transparent displays attracts visitors like magic.

With special solutions and specially prepared content, we additionally enhance this effect.
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S6 „Virtual reality without any headset“ Make products float three-dimensionally in the room. It sounds like science fiction and yet is already reality today.

Without the need for a headset or special hardware, complex products and processes become visible to everyone in 3D.

Whether it be a small mobile solution or an impressive installation spanning several m², the LED-based Holofan technology is scalable and currently a real eye-catcher at trade fairs and in showrooms.
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S7 „Experience city history digitally“
Recount historical events both entertainingly and correctly. This can be achieved through 3D animation in city marketing.

This enables the usually rather dusty and dry subject matter to also reach younger target groups in a uniquely digital manner.

The 3D-rendered models can be used at any time and without any great effort in any further solutions, e.g. for the purpose of a virtual AR city tour.
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S8 „And the Oscar goes to…“
Our expertise in 3D animation helps you to display your products, processes, and company in such a way that the emphasis is on the key elements.
We see these as your strengths and value offerings with which you propose benefits to your customers.

Generally, your existing data form the basis for this purpose. Whether it be a show-reel, product clip, or complex process excerpt. With 3D animations, you enhance transparency.
As a side effect, you will receive 3D models of your products and processes. These can be reused at any time and without any great effort for further digitization projects.
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