S1 „More than reality has to offer“ With our Augmented Reality (AR) solutions, you will expand the array of visible details regarding your products and processes to include further digital levels of information.

This will enable users to process even complex information intuitively and in an emotionally appealing manner.
S2 „Present products on any end device in an interactive and emotional manner“
With the WebGL platform, we create interactive virtual worlds of experience which can be accessed through a web browser from any device, whether desktop or mobile.

With a WebGL-based product configurator, your customers have the opportunity to individually put together products and experience them in 3D.
S3 „Give products and processes an Oscar-worthy presentation“
With 3D animated products and processes, we concentrate on what makes you particularly efficient.

Complex issues and processes are presented in entertaining and exciting stories. As a starting point for 3D animations, we use already available CAD data.
S4 „Three-dimensional experiences without a VR headset“
For many years, we have been observing the market for holographic and 3D display solutions.

Whether it be the Hololusion, transparent displays, or 3D shader displays. Together, we find the perfectly tailored solution for you and your field of application so that you make a persuasive appearance at trade fairs and events.